ABOUT  Sarah

   Born and raised in Iowa, I moved to Oahu after a unique opportunity landed in my lap. Needing a change and adventure, I lept at the chance to do something different. 

   I have been a photographer for the last 10 years, covering various genres of photography. I studied photography formally at Hallmark Institute of Massachusetts, where I gained intensive hands on experience in both film and digital as well as naturally  and artificially lit environments.

   I have always been drawn to anything that registers as beautiful to the five senses. There is something about the way that light falls on a subject that calls to me. I strive to saturate my images with the essence of that beauty, the feeling of it, calling attention to the delicate details that make a space stand out. The ones that bring a subject's personality or spirit to the forefront of ones mind. 

   Through photography I have gained a love for the interactions between people, whether it be the person(s) infront of my lens or those that are behind the lens with me, working together to offer up a final image that is hard to forget.